Who can provide the best live soccer coverage?

This is a question that is a bit hard to answer, because there are many great soccer websites on the Internet. However, a serious contender for this crown as the best live soccer platform of the web is livescores.biz. The reasons for this are many. Here are a few of them:

  • This site is not simply another infinite list of matches where the visitor struggles to find his way through. Instead, it is extremely easy to use. Navigating between the thousands of matches featured at this place takes only a few seconds.
  • The fact that thousands of matches are featured means that tons of leagues, cups and tournaments, from many countries around the world, and with varying levels of popularity, appear at this site, making it extremely attractive for every soccer fan out there.
  • This site also allows visitors to customize their experience as no other site allows. By creating a free account, people can configure custom alerts that arrive directly at their email inbox, as well as selecting which teams and tournaments should be seen more prominently in the news feed.
Probably many people reading this could think that enjoying the features offered by this site should cost a fortune, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Instead, all is available for absolutely free.

What can be said about the quality of the coverage offered by the portal?

Practically everybody who has visited livescores.biz at some moment has been mesmerized by the great live soccer coverage that it offers. People who visit the site can select between thousands of different matches, as mentioned at the beginning of the article. Later is where the true fun begins, because people who open any single match will see an extremely detailed review and real-time feed that describes the most important occurrences of the match. In other words, by visiting this site, people will not only encounter the live scores of that match. Although that’s a fundamental part of the equation, is not the only one. The site also has extremely detailed statistics that are permanently updated by the hundreds of collaborators who contribute to the site. For example, people who check them can learn about the line-ups, the amount of shots on target, red cards, yellow cards, and much more. This is almost like having a friend at the stadium describing with great detail what is going on in the field. Don’t forget that this is available totally free. What can be better than this for any soccer fan?