2016 Photography Competition

Our 2016 photography competition that will create the 2017 MySydney Calendar is in full swing!

In 2016, MySydney have been sponsored by Fujifilm Australia who generously provided 100 single use cameras for the competition. These cameras were distributed in July and August to those experiencing homelessness at two main events – Sydney Homeless ConnectWestern Sydney Homeless Connect and through shelters throughout Greater Sydney. The participants in the competition had 5 days to take pictures of their lives and what inspired them.

In late August these photos were collected and printed, before being submitted to a panel of judges to select the top 20 images for our exhibition. The pictures have also been returned to participants, and we have documented the often very moving stories that accompany them.

We have an exhibition scheduled for the month of October at Lentil as Anything, Newtown. This exhibition will feature the top 20 images as selected by our expert panel. It will provide the public with an opportunity to interact with the participants, see their work showcased, and vote for their favourite photos.

The favourite 13 images, as voted by the public, will be collated and used to create the 2017 MySydney calendar. This will feature blurbs about each photo and a short bio on each winning photographer who captured the image.

We will be raising funds for the printing of the 2017 Calendar with a KickStarter campaign from October. You can also pre-purchase your copy of the calendar now! Please support us here!